Repair clamp

The new innovative KHL sealing clamps can be mounted one after another and are joined together on the front side by means of overlapping sealing inserts.

This allows to do away with different length sizes with the clamps. That simplifies the disposition, reduces storage and warehouse management costs and improves the delivery performance.

KHL sealing clamps are intended for use in drinking water supply and are available in two variants, two-piece and three-piece, from DN 40 -DN 300.

The KHL pipe repair clamps are made from high-quality ductile cast iron and are provided with a sealing material made of EPDM approved for the drinking water supply that are manufactured by our German sister company.

For assembly on the pipelines, galvanized screws and nuts as well as the material pairing V2A screws with CuNiSi nuts are used. The benefit of V2A/CuNiSi is that with these mateials, the phenomena of cold welding does not occur when tightening.

The novel connection of two pipe repair clamps is registered as utility model at the German Patent and Trademark Office under number 20 2016 105 617 U1, and as European patent.

  • Area of application

    Drinking water up to PN 16

  • Raw material

    Cast iron, steel, PVC, asbestos cement

  • Sealing insert

    EPDM, 70 +/- 5 Shore with KTW und W270

  • Fixing elements

    DIN 603- A2 M16 and CuNiSi nut
    washer DIN 125-A2

    DIN 603- 8.8 M16 and DIN 934 hot-dip galvanised
    washer DIN 125-A2

  • Cast iron segments

    EN-GJS-400-15 according to DIN EN 1563

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